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What you THINK can change your microbiome.

Think the micro-organisms in your gut only cause conditions such as SIBO and inflammation? Think again! The follow excerpt from Dr. Joe Dispenza's blog detailing research they do on people meditating daily shows significant positive changes. Yes, you can think your way to better health. For the full blog, go here. To learn more about how to program your own brain to control conditions as diverse as

, you can work with a brain-programming specialist. Or consider making your own INSIDE-X-OUT OS mindful movie to jumpstart the rewiring process to give your own brain more control of what is happening inside your body. The science is showing it DOES work, and it still requires focus and repetition. Isn't it worth your time and attention to harvest every conceivable tool at your disposal to achieve optimum well-being? Programmiing your mind to coordinate your body's healing is essentially free and has side effects of increased happiness with decreased stress. Programming your brain is simpler than you may think, and it helps to work with a professional to get the best results. Try a Free Discovery Session to find out how this can work for you. Start today to use the advanced brain science used by people with diverse conditions, including ALS and stage-4 cancers to turn on maximum innate healing intelligence.

"In January of this year, we launched a bold study called QUANTUM (QUest to ANalyze a thousand hUmans Meditating) to look at 1,000 people at a Week Long Advanced Retreat to understand their individual and collective experiences. Not only were we assessing changes in their health status, but confirming this by looking at biometrics and biological assessment – one of which was to profile changes before and after the week-long event on the gut microbiome.

An early look at the potential of what QUANTUM represents was nothing short of exciting and groundbreaking (for example, at least 18 diseases with more than 30 subjects represented; ~800 matched samples before and after the event).

Early data suggests that nearly everyone at the event had significant shifts in their gut microbiome – and subsets of individuals with various diseases shifted their microbiome in seven days to look more and more like healthy individuals in QUANTUM.

This effect was independent of the food participants ate. In essence, seven days of heightened brain activity, self-realization, wholeness, and the discovery of the potential within transform the individual – and the community – to re-engineer the gut … and possibly their lives. "

Engaging our large, complex brain has consequences.

These early findings confirm what we’ve long seen in testimonials of people in this work. It’s less a matter of: “You are what you eat” … and much more a matter of: “You are what you think.”

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