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How Can I Get Help?

Mind-body techniques

Self-Empowered Healing Journey

Help for Preventing and Reversing 

Complex Health Conditions.

Detailed Functional Medicine prescriptions and science-proven mind-body techniques. Journey components:

  • 10 hours of expert medical consultation

  • Eat More YUM! Expert personalized condition-specific nutrition plan 

  • Free membership to exclusive content including

    • Mind Movies For Health

    • Curated health articles

    • 15% discount on supplements

Eat More YUM!

Personalized Condition-specific Nutrition

Definitive foods, explicit preparation instructions, eating-out guidance, shopping lists, and videos are just the start. We can personalize this for you with testing , such as the Organic Acids Test or a Micronutrient Intracellular Assay which can be monitored over time to give you feedback about how your actual nutrition is affecting your body.

3 hours of consultation include free membership to exclusive content including Mind Movies For Health, curated health articles, 15% discount on supplements

Covid 19

COVID-19 Prevention Alternatives Consultation

What you can do to stay well with or without vaccines.

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