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INSIDE-X-OUT OS is the latest in health-coaching technology. This potent, personalized tool, available 24/7, is used to activate your mind to heal your body. Upgrade the operating system of the most powerful computer ever known, your own brain. Get under the hood of your subconscious to supercharge your own healing without medication, surgery, or other costly/potentially dangerous treatments. Completely individualized to you, Dr. Pizzino will guide you to combine powerful video imagery, emotion-evoking audio tracks, and specific personalized programming language to harness the latest brain science to turn on your own wellness. It fires and wires precise neural networks in your brain to turn on the autonomic nervous system, regulate hormones and immunity. All the while, it reinforces your brain to motivate appropriate self-care activities. Become the director and producer of your own mindful movie to empower your healing journey. To learn more about INSIDE-X-OUT OS, schedule a Free Discovery Session.


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