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Fees and Insurance

Health insurance can be a confusing maze with co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance. And then your insurance company, usually not a medically-trained professional, decides if the service is "medically necessary", that is, whether they think you really need it. Integrative Medicine services, although fully-backed by scientific research, may be deemed "not necessary." This is why Self Empowered Healing has decided to collect fees for service up front, and let you work with your insurance company for possible reimbursement.


Self Empowered Healing will provide you with an Encounter Form with codes for filing with your insurance company upon your request. Please be aware this is subject to "out of network" deductibles, which may exceed your fees with us, meaning you won't really get any reimbursement. Also, we have opted out of Medicare and cannot provide billing statements for Medicare. If you are over 65, you must sign our Medicare Opt-Out notice to indicate you understand you CANNOT submit this to Medicare for reimbursement.


WAYS TO PAY : Credit cards accepted, Electronic Funds Transfer (online banking)​

  • Fees for Services:​

    • New Patient Initial Telemedicine Consultation (85'): $350​

    • Established Patient Telemedicine Consultation (55'): $225

    • Medical Intuitive Telemedicine Consultation (75'): $150

    • INSIDE-X-OUT-OS Mindful Movie (3-hours): $495

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