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How often do I want to feel good? Every day! EVERY Day!

—Jerry Jud, transformational leader at age 99

Do you leap out of bed thrilled to engage with your day, every day? If you are like most folks, the answer to that is YES! … sometimes. So, if it is not every day, why not? Perhaps there is actually physical pain or limitation that prevents leaping. Or is it a lack of energy? Could mood or concentration be keeping you immobilized? Or is it just a lack of juiciness, nothing to get your mojo working?

Sometimes it is all of the above, and they are even linked together. For instance, you know that old sports injury caused a ligament/muscle/cartilage/arthritis problem in your back so it is painful to even sit up in bed, let alone do the exercise you know would help you lose the extra pounds which make you tired just thinking about. And, you have already tried the cabbage soup/paleo/keto/Weight Watchers paths, either without significant results, or nothing you could make last a lifetime. Maybe you have even tried the physical therapy/chiropractor/acupuncture options, but without lasting success. So, you settle for less than YUM! every day because there does not seem to be any alternative. After all, it is what it is, right?

Yes, as long as you believe that. I will never forget being startled by a comment from Lucy Chartier, PhD, of Life Quality Resources, a frequent contributor to Health and Healing. She pointed out to me that this is just a thought, and is only true as long as I feed it. Yes, thoughts and beliefs are things. And, as a patient of mine once told me, they are one of only three things we actually have control over. Hmmm, what do we actually have control over?

  1. I can control what I put into my body, ie. food, drink, medications/supplements, recreational substances, etc.

  2. I can control what I do with my body, ie. movement, sex, where I choose to hang out, etc.

  3. I can control my mind, ie. my thoughts & beliefs, mental skills (such as learning a new language), spiritual practices, etc.

Yup, other than that, we have precious little control over most of what is going on in the world. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from efforting to change what we want to: politics, environment, finances, etc. Still, even those changes have to begin with the locus of control closest to us, that is, how to create practical YUM! in your every day. With nearly 60 million American adults experiencing anxiety and/or depression, it could be said we are having a critical shortage of YUM!

You have probably heard of the design principle known by the acronym K.I.S.S., or Keep It Simple, Stupid. This is the essence of Practical YUM! What are simple, everyday ways to get in touch with your soulshine, that which makes you glad to be alive, eager to engage with your most expanded self? If this is not your everyday reality, let’s explore three basic categories which often comprise the source of limitations which keep us from enjoying life, that is, in-joying, experiencing the joy of life within. It is highly likely that one or more of these three basic concepts lies at the root of what holds you back from experiencing the living YUM! of vibrant wellbeing in body, mind and soul. So, let’s get down and dirty with three notions that you may never have even noticed are there: Aftertaste, Consistency, and Obliviousness.

Aftertaste is a concept I got from pundit and wisdom synthesizer Marc Gafni ( Aftertaste is the “morning-after feeling”, what’s left after the party is over. Sure, that beer/ice cream/pornography/(fill in the blank) was fun/tasted great/relieved stress, but what is the effect of it the next day? If we apply the concept of aftertaste to every action of our lives, it certainly increases the odds that we will be left with some practical YUM! rather than a hangover, love handles, or a new prescription for what ails us. Considering the aftertaste can help us stay on track so that tomorrow and the next day and the next are YUM!

Consistency. Definitely not the sexiest topic, and it does not get a lot of press coverage, yet it is one of the biggest secrets you never heard about as a way to getting practical YUM! into your everyday. It is probably the chief reason I see when people tell me they did not have success in losing weight, giving up an addiction, or overcoming a health issue. Consistency means staying with the lifestyle changes long enough to see effect, and then some to maintain that desired result. Unfortunately, despite what is often promised, there are few overnight cures. You can eat like a saint six days per week, and just repeat previous habits one day per week, and you will not see the scale budge. You can remember to take your medications/supplements three days per week, and your body may still not have enough of what it needs to repair itself. Going to the gym for the month of January, and then allowing other things to become priorities from February to December will not change the shape you are in. This is where friends, coaches, guides and other accountability partners can really bring value to your results.

Obliviousness. Being unaware or unconcerned, that is, not-mindful of what is going on around or within ourselves. It may be hard to believe in our information-overloaded society, but sometimes having to tune out so much “stuff”, also makes us tune out what our bodies are actually trying to tell us. Or, we are not concerned about our lifestyle choices until they cost us a diagnosis, a new medication, or inability to enjoy some YUM! The wake-up call can be painful. I remember a life-defining moment came for me when three friends told me within just a few weeks that I was being “defensive”. Rather than defending myself (;-), I decided to do some soul-searching and changed my way of being, resulting in much more relationship YUM! Sometimes, simply becoming aware of tips, tricks, hacks or certain products can reduce the effort to be consistent with our choices and avoid negative aftertaste.

This is how a Practical YUM! consultation can help you get more effective results, whether from your healthcare, in your relationships, or just helping your life become more of a get-to than a have-to. Our professionals with decades of experience helping others, and on their own journeys to Practical YUM! can help you uncomplicate and detangle the mysteries of your physical and mental health, apply strategies more consistently, and choose the aftertaste most in alignment with your unique everyday YUM! Set up a free discovery session to learn more. You have nothing to lose but some yuck. Whee!

Joanne ("JP") Pizzino, MD, MPH is board-certified in Preventive Medicine and diplomate-certified in Integrative Medicine. After her own healing epiphany in 1997, she has empowered people to live healthier through both Eastern and Western medicine, ancient and ultra-high tech healing.

Thomas ("Ronen") Goddard, JD, PhD, a psychologist, has decades of experience in a diverse array of modalities, including somatic energy work, mindfulness-based stress-reduction, counseling individuals and couples, group process work and career counseling.

Visit to learn how to get a free discovery session.

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