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“There are only two mantras: yum and yuck. Mine is yum.”

-Tom Robbins in Still Life with Woodpecker

What happens when two busy professionals in their mid-sixties collide unexpectedly and find themselves creating the delectable lifestyle of their dreams? Practical YUM! is born. After decades of both successes and heartbreak, we decided that it is never too late to:

  • learn how to love truly despite past anguish

  • get healthy and stay healthy so that we can…

  • be active and reach out to enjoy great big handfuls of life

  • allow peace, tranquility and lip-smacking joy to become a way of life.

What is Practical YUM!? Do you dream of waking up each day with zest, giving and receiving more love, then ending your day feeling soulfully satisfied? In the midst of the pandemic, many of us have come to realize what is really important in our lives. Still with our usual outlets for socialization, exercise and entertainment closed, we have had to become more resourceful just to cope with the added layers of stress. And life still goes on: the kids need to be educated, oil needs to be changed, bills have to be paid. How do you access the user-friendly ways and means to maintain well-being of body, mind and soul? Practical YUM! is your free go-to resource for fast, easy, everyday ways to eat, exercise, sleep, find meaning and joy in the commonplace, in short, fuel for flourishing. Promoted by an Integrative Medicine physician and her psychologist/consultant partner, this inspirational lifestyle hack is a “get-to” way of living to thrive, not just survive. Find open-sourced, simple, ordinary, everyday tools to enjoy more health, fun and loving life to the fullest. Rather than the drudgery and sacrifice that often get projected onto the “have-to” of a “healthy lifestyle”, Practical YUM! shares tips, tricks and resources, as well as our own personal journeys for getting & staying fit, reducing stress, and connecting with the life you love.

Using our hard-won personal healing journeys, as well as decades of professional practice and training, we combine over 95 years of study and experience in the art and science of maximizing well-being. We have researched and applied solutions such as:

  • Is a plant-based diet right for me, or should I include some animal products?

  • How can I eat for health and still enjoy treats?

  • How can I reduce the number of medications and supplements I need to take?

  • What are my options for better sleep?

  • How can I get more energy day-to-day?

  • How can I get some “me” time for self-care?

  • How can I have more fun, enjoy friends/family and still get exercise?

  • How do I motivate and inspire myself to be my most authentic self every day?

  • Is it really necessary to meditate or pray?

“How often do I want to feel good? Every day. Every Day.”

-Jerry Jud, transformational leader at age 99

Who is Practical YUM!? Primarily, Practical YUM! is YOU, or more precisely, that part of you that wants to feel good every day, the part that knows this is your birthright, that life really can be juicy and filled with yum, that which inspires you to continue to reach for the experience of thriving. And yet, it does not have to be something that you push yourself to do, constantly struggling and striving to get it all done, to do the right thing, to force yourself to check off the unending list of To-Do’s promoted by seemingly every website, billboard, post, blog and pulpit you turn your attention to.

We call this The C