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"Doctor, what CAN I eat?"

Information about nutrition and gastrointestinal health conditions abounds in books, podcasts, and blogs, such as this easy evidence-based guide from Fullscript. With all this information, you would think it is easy to eat right and have your gut working optimally. So why do so many people still struggle with these issues? In addition to our own barriers, such as time-pressure, temptation, and taste, sometimes it is just information overload. Too many sources of conflicting information, all with their own data and opinions to back them up. Maybe you have even tried different options (ie. gluten-free, keto, paleo) but not been able to feel enough benefit to make it worth the effort. This can leave you questioning: "Doctor, what CAN I eat?"

Self Empowered Healing provides you simple, turnkey tactics to make eating fun and satisfying again. That is "My Life Source YUM! RX". Combining decades of Functional Medicine clinical knowledge with condition-specific nutrition, we pinpoint the most specific nourishment for your unique condition(s).Most importantly, we want it to taste good, and be simple to prepare. Definitive foods, explicit preparation instructions, eating-out guidance, shopping lists, and videos are just the start. We can personalize this for you with testing , such as the Organic Acids Test or a Micronutrient Intracellular Assay which can be monitored over time to give you feedback about how your actual nutrition is affecting your body.

Everyone knows how to eat, or do they? There may be 7+ billion opinions out there on how to feed yourself, but the trillions of organisms in your gut, called the microbiome, are actually the voting block that influences your mind, your tastebuds, the digestive process, and ultimately whether you actually get any nurture out of your nutrition. They literally secrete chemicals and electromagnetic frequencies which guide YOU, their host, to go get them what they want. The "friendlies" will signal you to get more leafy greens, apples and hummus, while the "pizza and french fry" organisms simple help you get more muffin-top and clogged arteries. Making the switch, that is re-populating the environment of your digestive tract is usually more complex than simply taking probiotics. To actually achieve improved mood/concentration by modulating the gut-brain axis, to reprogram your hormonal signals, and to enhance your immune system generally requires 4-8 weeks of a focused, step-by-step upgrade to reprogram all the interdependent communications within your body. This is not only the gastrointestinal system, but also boosts the endocrine, neurologic and detoxification systems. In short, your whole physical and mental well-being can be reset for optimum function. Are you willing to commit to two months to feel powerful and resilient in your body for a lifetime?

Guilt, frustration, and shame add to the confusion of that most basic life function of how to feed ourselves. Using powerful, research-proven mind-body techniques, we combine explicit food skills to free ourselves to "Life Source YUM!" At Self Empowered Healing, we have over 50 years of experience in individualizing this knowledge of how to guide you into the simple pleasures of food and company, of loving your life. Try a FREE Discovery Session to learn how your next year can expand your food choices, enhance your delight in being in your body, help you find joy in your own well-being.

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