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Are Yogurt and Whole Grain Bread Really Healthy? What is Optivore Nutrition?

An "Optivore" eats for optimal nutrition. We want it to be yummy AND pack dense nutrition into every calorie to maximally signal the innate healing intelligence of your body. Believe it or not, there is actually robust science about this, and yet it is not what we often hear from sources that are silently backed by producers of processed foods made from grains and animal products. Many people think they are eating "healthy" foods like oatmeal or yogurt which are not actually nutrient dense and can produce unhealthy conditions such as inflammation and excessive acidity? Did you know that products made from animal milk can lead to conditions as diverse as asthma and osteoporosis? If we look at evolutionary biology, we find that humans are the only animals who eat another animal's milk, and the only animals who drink milk after weaning. Could this be contributing to our epidemic of inflammatory diseases/

I like to guide people with independent evidence-based sources. For example, Dean Ornish, MD, has a research-proven program to reverse heart-disease which includes a plant-based diet. Michael Gregor, MD, checks his data on Joel Furhman, MD, publishes nutritional guides for the average person containing thousands of documented references. Take a look at Dr. Fuhrman's Food Guide to see which foods are closer to 100 (nutrient-packed) vs. <50 (nutrient-lacking). It is not a surprise that kale is 100 but did you know that tomatoes are only 33, and whole wheat bread is a mere 2! What do these and other doctors who do independent research conclude: plant-based nutrition can be anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, lower glycemic index, alkalinizing and anti-aging. Nonetheless, it is still possible to eat as a vegetarian and eat many unhealthy foods. Even the New York Times tells us that the FDA has been inaccurate about some foods it formerly labeled as "healthy.

Are you actually eating healthy? Do your scale, your blood pressure, your cholesterol levels