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What do your body and the electrical wiring of your house have in common? They both carry electromagnetic energy, usually called electromagnetic fields (EMF). While you may not have thought of your body as an apparatus of elegantly connected circuit boards, science is showing us more and more evidence that we really run on electricity (and its associated magnetic fields) in ways much like the “operating system” of your computer. In fact, almost everyone has experienced how we use these EMFs for diagnosis, such as electrocardiograms (ECG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We are now learning even more about how environmental EMFs affect this “operating system” of the body (especially the autonomic nervous system), as well as how to use voltage (a measure of the power of electricity) to heal therapeutically. Already we have proven that diverse conditions respond to properly applied EMFs: broken bones can be knitted together, irregular heart rhythms corrected, depression resolved (transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS), and pain signals blocked (TENS).

Many “mystery illnesses”, such as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune disorders, as well as common conditions, such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy, chronic pain after shingles, ADHD and even anxiety often have a common origin relating to disruption of the basic electromagnetic communication within our bodies. This is fairly easy to understand when it relates to diseases of nerves (which we all accept as electrical conduits), such as multiple sclerosis. It may be more challenging to understand how this also affects kidney disease, osteoporosis, or arthritis. An easy way to check for imbalance in your body’s electromagnetic transmissions is often measured in your doctor’s office as urine pH, or acid-alkaline status. (If you have a copy of your most recent urinalysis, you can see if pH fell between 7-8.) All of the enzymes, that is the chemical catalysts in every cell which govern the production of energy, assembling of proteins, production of hormones and neurotransmitters, detoxification-- virtually everything which happens in your body—is dependent upon enzymes. And guess what? Enzymes are not very efficient unless pH is near the ideal of 7.34. Therefore, if your pH (which stands for “power of hydrogen”) is below 7 (acidic) or above 8 (alkaline), hardly anything will function optimally in your body. Especially if you have a condition which affects many different systems in your body, ie. you have pain and poor energy and swelling and hormonal problems and…(the list goes on) it is very likely your enzymes are sluggish due to imbalanced pH. Some diseases such as cancer, lung and renal diseases are especially prone to pH alterations. In fact, cancer cells have been known for decades to have reversed polarity. This means, the electrical charges inside and outside the cells are reversed, significantly disrupting communication within and between cells.

What are some factors that influence acid-alkaline stability and the body’s electromagnetic operating system? Firstly, there are some diseases which themselves can affect this. The pH balance is tightly regulated by the lungs and the kidneys, so any diseases affecting them may affect acid-alkaline status. The most common environmental influencers come from nutrition. Because of depletion of our soils, even organically grown foods may not have enough minerals, especially magnesium and zinc. Specifically, if you have muscle cramps, poor energy, sleep difficulty, asthma, anxiety, or certain heart arrhythmias lack of trace minerals may be a culprit. Other nutritional choices also have a big impact on excessive acidity. Grains and animal products, such as meat, fish, dairy and eggs all tend to make us more acid. Choosing more vegetables, fruits and plant-based proteins such as beans all helps to reduce acidity, which is much more common than excessive alkalinity.

An invisible, silent, odorless threat to our sensitive background “operating system” is environmental electromagnetic fields. Unless you are living in a cave in a desert, it is likely that your body is now awash in EMFs generated by electrical wiring, appliances and devices, as well as satellite signals, wifi, and many other EMFs which our ancestors never dreamed of. A growing body of research is linking various kinds of environmental EMFs with cancer, including childhood leukemia, breast cancer, and a heart tumor known as schwannoma. The electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones are classified by the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer as possibly carcinogenic to humans. Studies are ongoing.