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New Patients Portal

Information We Need 48 Hours Prior to Your Visit:

Please access online or printable copies of Health History, Clinic Policies, HIPAA Policy and Medicare Opt-out.

These are required for consent for treatment.

Click Online link to tell us about your health before your visit so we can begin to prepare your personalized health plan.
Or use Printable Health History
Download and sign our
Clinic Policies, HIPAA Policy, & Medicare Opt-Out Notice before your visit. 
Or Print Clinic Policies here.
     Print HIPAA Policy here.
     Print Medicare Opt-Out Policy here.

                         Visit Tips

Here are some tips to get the most from your consultation:

  1. Bring copies of any laboratory results you have had from the last year, or before, if you have them. This will save you time and money so that we don’t need to repeat anything.

  2. Bring any supplements or medications you are currently taking to the appointment to learn what will give you the most benefits.

  3. Please drink 32 oz of water or non-bubbly, non-caffeinated beverages prior to your visit for accurate lab assessments when you get here.

  4. You can learn more about our specific Functional Medicine treatment plans for different conditions at How Can I Get Help? 

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