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Cancer Recovery

Symptoms and Signs of These Conditions

Cancer is a label applied to many different diseases which all have in common uncontrolled cellular division, often related to immune dysfunction and difficulty processing toxins. While chemotherapy targets specific diagnostic categories of cancer, searching for and treating the underlying causes can improve outcomes and prevent recurrences. People recovering from cancer treatment often have significant fatigue, mental fog, and or peripheral nerve pain and tingling. Our natural supportive healing can significantly improve all these symptoms.

Targeted Diagnostic Tests

The Organic Acids Test (OAT) is a good place to look for root causes which can initiate and promote cancer. We want to target those specific issues which may have caused this, as well as look for side effects of treatment. Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA) and OAT can help us learn about your reactions to chemotherapy and other toxins. Improved ability to process hormones is crucial to preventing cancer, so we use laboratory tests to monitor this. We also focus on acidity and hidden inflammation as both of these promote cancer.

Recommended Treatment Plan Options

Whole Health Solutions always focuses on natural methods to support your body to begin healing without harsh medications. We help you to regain energy and vitality after your cancer treatment using methods to replenish nutrients, detoxify and strengthen the immune system. We also offer High-Dose Vitamin C IVs which are complimentary and can be added to some chemotherapy regimens to improve cancer eradication. We will help you design a long-term lifestyle plan to live optimally without recurrence.

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