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Brain, Mood, and Neurologic Disorders

Dr. Pizzino is now certified as a
Wahls Protocol Health Professional
and uses the Bredesen Protocol to end Alzheimer's.
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How Much Healing is Possible? Are there really irreversible diseases?

Signs and Symptoms of These Conditions

Did you know that 50% of people with depression go on to develop dementia? This is because both are caused by inflammation in the brain. Therefore, we address symptoms of depression, anxiety, poor concentration, brain fog, memory issues, as well the pain of peripheral neuropathies which may also cause numbness, tingling or weakness. Many brain disorders begin with mild cognitive impairment, such as difficulty organizing or calculating.

Targeted Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is invaluable to determining the multiple root causes of brain and neurologic disorders. Most of these disorders are multifactorial, that is they have a combination of several root causes. This may be related to nutritional deficiencies, toxins, inflammation, and hormonal imbalances.  To learn about the many types of testing we do, see our information on specialized laboratory testing.

Recommended Treatment Plan Options

Whole Health Solutions always focuses on natural methods to support your body to begin healing without harsh medications. All treatment plans for brain, mood, and neurological disorders must be individualized to the abnormalities indicated by targeted diagnostic testing. Also see information on the 5R’s of healing the gut.

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