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While working with a patient having insomnia, neck and shoulder pain, we addressed her as a whole person. She sent this testimonial.


"Thank you" for introducing me to the "Bio-Energetic Therapy". It has made a huge difference in how I feel in a very short period of time. Literally after the first session I felt a layer of anxiety completely vanish. I have always been an "on the go", "type A",people pleaser. I felt an immediate calmness come over me after my first "Bio-Energetic" treatment and it hasn't left. For 3 months I put off confronting a friend about an incident that hurt me deeply. That day, I went home and wrote the first of two notes detailing the situation and why I was hurt. Normally I would have let the incident go and secretly harbored resentment. I was extremely clear and confident in what I needed to do, spoke my truth in a loving way and confronted the situation head on. Thank you for this therapy. I am excited to continue treatments to see how this technique can advance my healing journey.... Sincerely, Lynn

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