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Signs and Symptoms

Classically, allergies involve the skin and respiratory tract, including rashes, wheezing, nasal congestion and itching. Many other “intolerances” can occur to foods and environmental contaminants. These can include headaches, fatigue, ADHD, brain fog, stomach cramps, muscle pain, arthritis, and more. Nearly any symptom may have an allergic or “sensitivity” component.

Targeted Diagnostic Testing

  1. KBMO FIT Test and Cyrex Array 10—the most advanced food sensitivity testing available

  2. Mold susceptibility testing, including genetic inclination.

Recommended Treatment Plan Options

  1. Low Dose Allergen (LDA) therapy

    1. LDA (Low Dose Allergen) therapy is a remarkably simple and safe way to solve all these bothersome problems without having to take more medication. In fact, in most cases, this tiny intradermal (just under the skin) injection about every two months may allow you to stop taking medications for these conditions. Using a special enzyme called beta glucuronidase with extremely low doses of allergens, up to 100,000 times weaker than standard immunotherapy used by allergists, LDA gradually and gently helps your immune system to stabilize. You become tolerant to most common allergic immune triggers, such as pollens, dusts, foods and more. You can stop reacting to many different things in your surroundings. Your immune system remains calm and tolerates the environment around you. Used successfully for over 40 years, LDA works by presenting very precise dosages of substances activated by the naturally-occurring enzyme beta glucuronidase. This signals long-lasting tolerance by your immune T-Regulatory cells. Side effects are rare and usually minor. No allergy testing is needed before treatment, and success rates are up to 95%.

  2. Condition-specific dietary therapy

    1. We help you discover the specific foods which help you feel your best with vigorous energy.

  3. Advanced mold toxicity treatment​ based on your specific lab abnormalities.

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