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My Well World App

Meditation in nature
Yoga Class
  • What diet will work for me?

  • Which exercise is best for my body type?

  • How can I track what is making a difference?

  • I need to ask questions to an expert as I go along.

Healthy Eating
Healthy at any age

My Well World App from Self Empowered Healing helps you tune your self-care activities with personalized consultation and feedback from Lifestyle Medicine expert, Joanne Pizzino, MD. 

Adjust your diet/exercise and get new ideas.

Overcome sleep challenges.

Stay connected with texts.

Solo and Group Options

Premium: 3 hours of individualized consultation, free app, daily reminders, text your questions. Sign up for free 30' intro session at

Free Discovery Session. $400

Join one of our groups and save 66%! Sign up for FREE Q&A event here.

  • Clean Eating Challenge

  • Plant-based Weight Loss

  • ​Paleo Cleanse Challenge

  • Thyroid-Adrenal Cleanse Challenge

3 hours of group facilitation and support via Zoom, free tracking and texting app, daily reminders. $150

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